Redflower oil helps in promoting the blood circulation

Body massage is essential to improve blood circulation and the effects are more when you use oil for the massage. Chinese medicine promotes the use of Redflower oil. This oil helps in improving blood circulation and it also has the ability to promote movements in joints and muscles. When you have pain in the joints and muscles, you can use this oil and massage the parts where you have pain. Redflower oil acts as a pain reliever relieving pain in the joints. Elderly people always have various problems that restrict movements of their hands and legs. With special blend of the various ingredients, Redflower oil relieves pain in shoulders, arms, legs etc.  

Redflower oil is a combination of various oils each of which has its own therapeutic properties. Cinnamon oil is an important ingredient that helps in relieving pain. This oil can provide relief from arthritis and general pain. The whole body will be toned by this oil by stimulating glandular systems. Women who have period pains can apply this oil on their stomach to get instant relief. Turpentine oil is another important ingredient in Redflower oil. This oil has antiseptic property, which can be applied on wounds to prevent infection. Generally, this oil is considered as cure-all oil. 

Citronella oil is an antidepressant, sedative oil that can calm the mind. The nervine property can control nervous system and all stress related problems are treated by applying this oil externally. It is also an antiseptic finding its use in curing skin problems also. Eucalyptus oil is a very popular essential oil that has been used in ancient medicines to provide cure for various pains. The anti-inflammatory property reduces pain and swellings. These essential oils are included in Redflower oil to provide maximum benefits for the user.  

Nervous depression, acne and various other inflammations can be treated with camphor oil. Muscular pains and joint pains are also relived by the use of camphor oil. The vapor of camphor is used in treating respiratory problems but it is not advisable to use oil for this purpose. Methyl salicylate also called as oil of wintergreen is used in various skin care products and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a non steroidal drug and it is used extensively in various industries. It is also included in Redflower oil to cure various problems faster.  

Rather than single oil, Redflower oil contains a combination of several oils which have similar properties. The combined effects of these oils can provide instant relief from all sorts of pain. This oil is for external use only and it should not be taken internally since a few oils are toxic to consume. Any sort of pain caused by inflammation and infection can be treated by massaging with this oil. If you have wounds or cuts on your skin, you can apply this oil on the wounds because some of the herbs included in Redflower oil have antiseptic properties. Every home should have Redflower oil in the medicinal kit to provide instant relief from all the pain for the entire family. 


3 Responses to “Redflower oil helps in promoting the blood circulation”

  1. Neil

    Great post – thanks very much. I use Red Flower oil a lot, and find it really useful. Plus it smells great!

  2. Lia

    Excellent! I use the red flower oil and find it pleasant and effective, thanks to your posting I know now mcuh more about it! Many thanks!

  3. Ray

    I bought Red Flower Oil at our local China Town as the lady in the shop told me it is good for muscle pain. i tried it on my neck and shoulders as i have been very stressed and “walah” i felt instant relief of the tightness i have been feeling for days. Truly i can vouch for Red Flower Oil that it “WORKS”! Thank you for your excellent blog much appreciated.


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