Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan can provide relief from indigestion

According to medical sciences, many problems are caused by improper digestion. Ancient medicines believe that diseases are symptoms of improper functioning of various organs. Among the other organs, stomach is the most important organ in the body that is responsible for digesting all the food that we take. The modern world demands fast foods that are not properly cooked. The stomach does not digest these half-cooked and uncooked foods. To avoid these problems and to stay healthy irrespective of the food you take, you have to improve the functioning of stomach. Healthy stomach can digest anything you eat and hence, your body will be provided with ample nutrients. Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan is a Chinese herbal formula that improves the normal health of the stomach.


Radix Aucklandiae is contained in the herbal formula for improving functioning of the spleen, large intestine, and stomach. This pungent flavored drug can promote circulation of Qi and removes stagnated food. Rhizoma Atractylodis is another important herb that is contained in Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan responsible for eliminating all problems associated with spleen. This herb also removes the dampness in the digestive system, which is responsible for bloating.


Macrocephalae Pericardium is used in Chinese medicine for treating various problems associated with kidney and spleen. This herb solves all the Digestive disorders and urinating problems. Ancient Chinese medicine uses Citri Reticulatea for promoting general health by strengthening the digestive system. Rhizoma and Cyperi Poria are also used for stabilizing dampness and promoting the health of the stomach.


Rhizoma Pinelliae promotes circulation of Qi and hence, it is used in Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan for acting on spleen and stomach. To eliminate stagnant food and to prevent indigestion, this herb is used in various Chinese medicines. The general health of the stomach can be improved by stabilizing Qi flow and Fructus Amomi does this as it acts on the spleen, stomach and kidney.


Rotundus Cortek and Magnoliae Officinalis are included in most of the Chinese medicines to remove dampness and stuffiness. Undigested food creates this feeling and these two herbs promote spleen and stomach for soothing digestion. Herba Pogostemois will be included in many Chinese medicines to improve the general health. Radix Glycyrrhizae is also an important ingredient that can cure all deficiencies related to spleen and stomach.


If you are already suffering from digestive problems, then you can benefit greatly from Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan. All sorts of problems related to stomach, spleen and kidney are all treated by this herbal formula. By taking these pills regularly for three times everyday, you can improve the health of your digestive system and stay healthy forever. Chinese medicines have great healing powers and these medicines are capable of treating all internal disorders. Dampness, stagnant food and disrupted Qi flow are the major reasons for stomach related problems like bloating and indigestion. Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan can replenish the spleen and wash away toxins from the body thereby improving the total body strength. 

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