Xiao Huo luo wan

Xiao Huo luo wan is a formula which has been used to expel cold wind and to remove dampness. Traditionally it has been used to treat rheumatic ache and pain in the extremities, Xiao Huo luo wan is beneficial for kidney yang and disperses according to Chinese pharmacopoeia, cold. There are several powerful ingredients in this formula. including Rhizoma Chaun xiong. This pungent, warm herb works on three channels; the liver, gall bladder, and pericardium Used as a natural pain killer it promotes circulation, reduces swelling, dispels wind unblocks the heart channel.
Lubricous is another key ingredient in Xiao Huo luo wan that works on the liver and lungs. This has been used as beneficial for checking wind. Used traditionally in cases of asthma, high fever, cough and hemiplegia. When used in conjunction with Radix aconti Kusnezoffii it has been used to treat painful arthritis. Another important ingredient in Xiao Huo luo wan is resina Commiphorae myrrhae. This bitter resin promotes circulation, is a pain killer, anti-inflammatory and fever reducer.

Arisaema Cum Bile Is used in Xiao Huo luo wan because it is cooling and soothing. It is bitter and has been used to transform phlegm heat and to extinguish wind. It opens heart, liver and spleen channels and builds qi. This ingredient has been used extensively to fight infection and relieve swelling. It may also bring on menstruation.

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