An Shen Bu Xin Wan – The Medicine that Can Calm your Spirit

An Shen Bu Xin Wan is an essential Chinese Herbal Supplement that helps in claming the nerves and also regains the normal heart beat by making certain adjustments to attain a balance of the innumerable bodily functions. It also helps on regaining vitality, and contributes to the production of blood. This herbal formula has been specifically meant for treating insomnia, palpitation, tinnitus and dizziness.

An Shen Bu Xin Wan is one such herbal supplement that allows the body to feel and take the essence of tranquility in the true sense of the term. It is a tonic pill that was created by combining the different Chinese healing remedies. A combination of several herbal ingredients and the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, An Shen Bu Xin Wan is a formula that can soothe your body and mind alike.

The Benefits of An Shen Bu Xin Wan

An Shen Bu Xin Wan has paramount benefits:

-          it helps in tonifying blood

-          it calms shen

-          it helps in relieving any sort of obstruction affecting the blood vessels

-          it strengthens the kidneys and heart

-          it treats dizziness, restlessness, insomnia and dreaming

-          it rectifies heart palpitations

-          it is used for treating atherosclerotic plaque

-          it has tranquilizing effects

An Shen Bu Xin Wan is a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients. The ingredients of this product make it a useful supplement that can relieve many health complications. Some of the common ingredients contained in An Shen Bu Xin Wan are:

Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae: It promotes proper blood circulation, removes blood stasis, results menstruation in women, alleviates various pain and inflammation, nourishes blood, clams the mind, and relieves mental depression. It is derived from the dried root of Salvi miltiorrhiza Bunge and is excellent for healing the mind.

Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis: It helps in soothing the mind, nourishes the kidneys, benefits vital energy or qi, promotes fluid production, treats deficiencies, benefits the body and eyes, relieves dilation of pupil, relieves heat and treats toxicity as well.

Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii: It is an excellent herb for treating depression and mental agony. It soothes the mind, releases tension and anxiety and helps you to relax and unwind.

Concha Margaritifera Usta: It helps in calming the nerves and also improves vision. It relieves headaches, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, tiredness, liver problems and blurred vision.

Caulis Polygoni Multiflori: It is useful for nourishing the entire system; it nourishes blood, induces tranquilization, dispels win, removes all types of obstructions from the collaterals and channels and encourages better sleep.

Cortex Albizziae Julibrissin: It is very effective in calming the mind; it relieves tension and anxiety, resolves depression, eliminates stagnation, improves blood flow and treats oedema as well.

Semen Cuscutae Chinensis: It contains higher levels of flavonoids and is also a strong antioxidant. It improved motility, enhances sperm health and invigorates reproductive system. It has healing benefits both on the mind as well as on the body.

Besides these ingredients, An Shen Bu Xin Wan also contains several other ingredients and together they produce excellent results. It tranquilizes the spirit, supplements the heart and gives you an improved mental and physical health.

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