999 Weitai Granules Can Help You to Get Rid Of Stomach Problems

Chinese herbs are he best possible remedies for some of the commonly occurring health complications today. In fact, the long history of Chinese medicines suggests that these medicines have been beneficial to health since ages now; it is just that we discovered it much later. Chinese medicine has a treatment for very type pf problem, including acne, pimples, weight loss, stomach problems, cardiac problems and many more. 999 WeiTai Granules are the best treatment for stomach problems.

Stomach problems are one of the most common causes of discomfort in our day to day life. It is simply not possible to come out of these problems as these are recurrent. However, staring from mild stomach problems to the most severe ones like gastritis and others need to be addressed on time. It mainly targets diseases like dyspepsia, abdominal distension, gastric pain, gastralagia, stomach pain and abdominal cramps and gastric hyperacidity.

As per research and the efficacy of 999 WeiTa Graniles, it is the best in relieving all these complications with ease. It is a clinically tested formula and it has been proved to have soothing effects on the stomach. Furthermore, it strengthens our regulatory mechanism of the stomach and also promotes a healthy and functional metabolic system. It regulates the proper flow of energy (qi), removes any sort of obstruction from the path of energy flow, strengthens the stomach functions and gives relief. In fact, 999 WeiTai Granules are known for enhancing the natural proves of digestion, which is very important. While other medications when administered might have an artificial effect n the body, if you take Chinese herbal medicines that are made from natural ingredients have a soothing effect and gives natural relief as well.

999 WeiTai Granules have similar effects as that of 999 WeiTai Capsules, as these products are made from the same ingredients. However, as the granular texture is easy to be administered, and is safe and effective for children as well. People prefer the granules, but it is definitely an individual’s choice that cannot be dictated.

Any product, particularly medicinal products are known by the ingredients they contain. The same applies in case of 999 WeiTai Granules as well. It contains some of the naturally available herbal ingredients for soothing the stomach and curing problems.


Asiatic dogwood fruit: Also known as Cornus officinalis, is a Chinese herb that contains higher amounts of tannins. It supports the liver and the reproductive system in human beings and help in relieving different types of gastritis related problems.

Jasmine leaf: It has anti-spasmodic, antidepressant, antiseptic, uterine supporting and sedative properties. Together, it is one herb that can cure bacterial infections and can as well relieve stomach pain and mouth ulcers too.

Chinese Peony root: This particular herb has excellent healing properties. Not only does it  help in relieving stomach problems, but it also an excellent remedy against some of the most complicated problems like rheumatoid arthritis and others. It also helps in cleansing blood.

Rehmannia: Rehmannia root is basically a typical perennial herb having flowers. It is one of the most vital Chinese herbs that help in treating disorders with the adrenal glands and kidneys. It also helps in soothing stomach problems and enhances bodily functions.

Besides these, all the other ingredients contained in 999 WeiTai Granules are the same as 999 WeiTai Capsules, including Evoida fruit, Mock orange leaf, Szechuan pepper root, Baical Skullcap root, Tuckahoe and Costus root.

 This Chinese herbal medicine is safe for everyone, except for pregnant women. Women during their pregnancy should not be taking this medicine; otherwise, it is the safest medicine of all times with excellent healing properties.

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